Friday, January 31, 2014

How Can I Improve My Life?

Many people often wonder about this but don't really put much thought into it beyond figuring out how to buy or earn something they "want."  That is distraction.  Do a little assessment of your life, reflect on what improvement means to you.  So yes, just think, give it some thought.  Give your life, not your problems, the benefit of some of your valuable time.
Try removing personal blockades and opening up to more positive options.  Boring people are bored.  Drama is one's ego screaming for attention, begging others to fix personal problems.  Most of these one can likely address on their own with more confidence.  Put some thought into being more attentive to yourself.  Staying depressed is partly fear and submission to life challenges.  Either beat your way through the challenge or just go around it but don't hide! 
To start, you might try this goalErase half of your ego & Triple your self image.  Erasing half of your ego will take effort and baby steps.  Start by considering what is good ego and what is bad ego?  That is hard because ego is key to self confidence but also an excuse to reject things we don't want to hear or see in the mirror.  Greatly increasing self image, how does one do that?  Think!  You know best what affects your own self image.  Give yourself credit for your talent and experience.  If you have been doing something for 15 years then you're likely an expert at it.  Reassess often, because increasing self image will increase ego.  
We can start by setting a positive example and speaking increase into other people, telling them about their positives.  We're surrounded by followers that share negative energy intended to divide us.  We need leaders.  Improve your life and it will benefit the lives of those connected to you. 
Oh, you thought I was going to give you an answer?  I'm not an oracle, just sharing thoughts.  So think!
Peace & best wishes...


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DC Politics "The Joke is on you Combat Vets!"

Congress has approved a bill that will change military pensions and specifically target those "still in their working years" with a clear suggestion that these individuals are able to work.   Combat veterans who have been wounded and suffered a service-related disability will see their pensions reduced.  Yet, the same provision will spare current government civilian workers from the same treatment.  Bureaucrats will continue to use the military to suit their own needs and then claim success from the blood spilled by those they recklessly abuse.  For that, they will be rewarded by those that pretend a wisdom to run this country.  Unfortunately this comical show only results in the brunt of the joke raining upon combat wounded warriors and their families.

Disabled Military Retirees Not Exempt from Pension Cuts in Budget Deal

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Hard Job of an Millionaire Part 2

Kanye West has Tom Cruise Disease:  "Paging Mark Wahlberg, paging Mark Wahlberg. thanks to Kanye West, the world is in need of another epic smackdown directed at celebrities who compare their ridiculously opulent lives to the stresses of serving in the military..." 

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Kanye West Thinks His Job Is As Dangerous As a Soldier's at War

Monday, December 2, 2013

Beware! FRAUD ALERT with VA-Issued ID Cards

More than a million veterans in Florida alone, card carrying VA members did not know their SSNs were being embedded into their VA ID cards.  The U.S. government improperly depending on social security numbers and exposing military personnel to fraud for decades.  They only recently finally stopped using it on Military ID but apparently the VA hasn't gotten the memo yet or it is simply not a priority.  Meanwhile, beware and check to be sure your identification card cannot be used to make you a target for fraud and identity theft.

VA Cards and Fraud Threat   <<--  Select Link to See Video

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The War Within: Treating PTSD (CBS 60 Minutes)

60 Minutes gets a rare look inside new therapy sessions that are changing the lives of vets who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

CBS 60 Minutes Link to Show

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The following is a script of "The War Within" which aired on Nov. 24, 2013. Scott Pelley is the correspondent. Ashley Velie, producer.

We've seen a lot of stories about veterans and post-traumatic stress disorder but tonight, for the first time, we're able to show you new therapies that are changing the lives of vets and their families. Two million Americans have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Veterans Administration tells us that one out of five suffers from PTSD. One reason we're seeing so much of it is because many of our troops have been ordered on combat tours three, four or even five times. The VA overwhelmed by the need, decided to try new treatments that were originally designed for rape victims. Over two months we were allowed to sit in and listen as our troubled veterans fought the war within.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank You For Your Service

Moments Count ~ When is Yours!
Thank You For Your Service Nam Vets from this generation of warriors to those that went before us:  Thank you for your support and for holding a line of decency by not allowing the media & public to begin to fault service members this time around.  We are forever grateful and we benefit very much from the lessons you learned and the sacrifice you made with the media, the VA, the public, etc.  Friends & current military, whenever you are in uniform today and a vet thanks you for your service, you need to thank them for their sacrifice to help us.  Use the opportunity.  Take your moment.
The Vietnam War marked a time of social unrest that divided our nation like never before.  Service members returning home with physical and emotional scars were greeted with an unprecedented level of disrespect and dishonor.  The courage and sacrifice of our veterans cannot be overstated.  When you encounter them, thank them for their service. You never know how powerful those words may be.  Find your moment at

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rape & PTSD: The Military Justice Hoax

There was an ugly secret hidden deep within the Pentagon and various chains of command.  It recently was exposed with the revelation the USAF Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office Chief was charged with sexual battery.  The charges were eventually dropped but the unraveling had already begun.  It revealed the devious maneuvering of military justice system designed to be biased and ripe for abuse by those in command.  Congress shamed one leader after another brought to testify why victims were harassed, shunned and thrown to the curb. 

There is a direct correlation to what has happened to PTSD, TBI and combat stress warriors seeking treatment but get harassed, shunned, and pushed out, usually before they can properly document benefit claims that would cost the services money.  The consistent and primary issue is a lack of education of those that claim to follow a leader's creed to "take care of your people first."  Isolated or remote commands are more brash and reckless, places like a Reserve HQ in Georgia, where good 'ol boys do what they wish, when they wish and to whom they wish, as sport.  That is where the unfit forsake its own regulations, boast and bellow with laughter, bragging about how much they can mess with you at will.  Wake-up Military Service Chiefs...a storm is brewing and it will find its way to you.  Take care of your people first!

Help End Military Rape Culture 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FINDING: DC & VA Failing our Veterans

WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs officials will spend more than $7 billion and tens of thousands of hours of clinical time on mental health care this fiscal year, and that won’t be nearly enough, a new report argues.

A new policy brief from the Center for New American Security says that VA mental health efforts do not meet the needs of veterans today and are not enough to keep pace with the wave of veterans expected to hit the health care system in the next decade.
Report: VA's mental health efforts fall short now, won't keep pace in the future   <<<<~~ Select This Link to Read Article ///

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Building Mental Health Care Capacity for Veterans.pdf